Abuja’s Airport Just Got a Shiny Makeover And It’s Pissing Nigerians Off

Long story short: the Abuja airport runway was designed to last 20 years.

By March 8, 2017, things started to fall apart.

So the government shut down the airport and announced that it will be reopened in 6 weeks

Okay nooooowww!

And – will you believe it! – the airport has been fixed. And it is beautiful!

via http://www.trezzyhelm.com

I mean. Just look at that.

Just look at this

via http://www.trezzyhelm.com

I mean…

Isn’t this just a pretty airport


Nigerians on Twitter have described the airport as a typical example of how the government responds to issues when it affects its elite

Maybe politicians should start using regular hospitals so facilities can be fixed in 6 weeks?

…or if you are the 1%


Priorities, priorities.

Isn’t it all so interesting?

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